Single screw plastic sheet extruder

                                            Single screw plastic sheet extruder

                                            detail intruduction

                                            Purpose of single screw plastic sheet extruder: this series of extruders are applicable to the production of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (HIPS) and other plastic sheets for the production of plastic packaging containers such as beverage cups, ice cream cups, jelly cups, packaging boxes, lids, plates, etc. Main features: 1 The machine is mainly composed of electric control cabinet of extruder, calender, traction and winder. 2. the screw, barrel, screen changer, die head and other main components are made of alloy steel (38 crmoala) and nitrided, which has the characteristics of high hardness, corrosion resistance and long service life. 3. the screw adopts large length diameter ratio, with uniform plasticizing and good plasticizing capacity. 4. the screen changer adopts the hydraulic screen changing device, and there is no need to stop to change the screen. Easy to operate and provide production efficiency.

                                            technical parameter




                                            Applicable material

                                            PP/PE/PS Pallet

                                            Sheet thickness


                                            Sheet width

                                            750 mm

                                            Extrusion capacity max.extrusion capacity

                                            180 (kg/h)

                                            250( Kg/H)

                                            Main motor power


                                            110 kw

                                            Diameter of screw

                                            Φ 110 (mm)

                                            Φ 120 (mm)

                                            Length diameter ratio


                                            Voltage support

                                            3Phase 380V 50Hz

                                            Total power

                                            About 100Kw

                                            About 160 Kw

                                            Capacity of water consumption


                                            Machine weight

                                            About 6 T

                                            About 9T

                                            Overall dimension (l*w*h)

                                            11000*1500*2300 mm