Single row paper cup packaging machine

                                            Single row paper cup packaging machine

                                            detail intruduction

                                            Scope of application of single row packaging machine: it is suitable for counting and packaging all kinds of disposable plastic cups, paper cups, yogurt cups, bowls and other products, and the quantity is customized according to customer requirements. Main features 1 Siemens system control and Mitsubishi servo drive are adopted to ensure the durability and smooth operation of the machine. 2. compact structure, stable performance, simple operation, no need for special personnel to operate, no membrane waste caused by rotating angle and clamping of rotating knife. 3. large adjustment range, wide packaging range and more compact packaging 4 Optical fiber points are used for synchronous adjustment. The requirements for the shape of the cup are not high, the points are accurate, the adjustment is convenient, and the replacement and packaging are flexible. 5. the direct push design is adopted to ensure the smooth transition between cup counting and packaging, and there are no phenomena such as loose cup, cup cutting and material blocking caused by cup falling.

                                            technical parameter



                                            Packaging width


                                            Packaging material

                                            OPP CPP PE film etc

                                            Cup diameter


                                            Packing speed

                                            1500 Pcs/min

                                            Total power

                                            4 Kw


                                            AC 220V 50/60HZ.

                                            Total weight

                                            About 800 Kg

                                            Dimension (l*w* h)

                                            5200 *900* 1200mm